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Aloha! Your source for used surfboards, period! With the best prices on used, decorative, vintage and new surfboards and shipping! Great customer service, coupled with great savings, equals a great experience, since 1999! Follow us on at Facebook Twitter, or Instagram, at Chubbysurf! Visit our NEW mobile site too! Warmest Aloha,  
Eric Sandoval (President)
A Southern California Company
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used surfboards, beach decor, cheap, vintage, longboard, 2nd hand
Used Surfboards Affordable, USED SURFBOARDS here! Whether it's a second hand surfboard, or a quantity of them, we can get them for you and save you money! *Check out our Boardbag Specials available too! New surfboards are available too! Checkout our wall hanger page to see samples!

Wall Hanger Surfboards Decorative, "non-surf able" real surfboards at discounted prices and in any quantity! You'll find it here! Just CLICK HERE! We also make new surfboards too! Wooden surfboards available here! Click Here!

used surfboards, beach decor, cheap, vintage, longboard, 2nd hand
Any quantity of surfboards, are available!
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Greg Noll with his original balsaboard
Vintage Surfboards Buy and sell, with over 20 years of surf collectible knowledge. Check out our vintage surfboards with weekly updates! Surfboard appraisals available! Collectible value information on your board for FREE! Just click here, and send us your photos! We buy surfboards too! 

The Bachelor/Yard Crashers? Eric "Chubbysurf" was on ABC's, "the Bachelor" with Aaron Buerge. 2012, we were in sunny Las Vegas, taping a surfer's episode of, Yard Crashers called, "Surfer's Shangri-la". In 2016 we supplied more for another episode in San Diego, watch for it this year! To see our entire list of clients, click here!

used surfboards, decorative surfboards, decor, beachdecor, classic
Surf The Musical, Las Vegas NV
Planet Hollywood comes to! We had the honor to work with Planet Hollywood on the 1st ever surf themed show, in Las Vegas, "SurftheMusical". We supplied custom painted surfboards and vintage surfboards from the 1960s! Let us do the same for you too! Call (805)573-0739 or use our chat system, now!

We wrap or decal surfboards! Surfboards wrapped look amazing and are a great tool for advertising your company! Simply Email us (your company image), tell us your size surfboard you want, and we'll get you a quote immediately! Brand new, custom surfboards are also available, we can make whatever you need! Just drop us a note!

QUESTIONS??? Email us now or call us (805) 573-0739 or Chat With US NOW 
SURFBOARD$ WANTED! We are looking for all types of surfboards, with a fair cash-in-hand offer! If you have a surfboard that you are not using, let someone else use it! Get cash fast, we can handle all shipping arrangements! OR Consign your items with us! We have a long list of buyers looking for specific collectibles that you may have, so send us your photos now! EARLY WOOD SURFBOARDS AND PAIPO BELLYBOARDS, 1960's BIG WAVE GUNS! ALL FOAM 1960's SURFBOARDS (Dewey Weber, Bing, Con, Gordie, Greg Noll, Greek - to name a few) & CHECK OUT OUR NEW MOBILE WEBSITE!