used beach classic vintage wall hanger antique surfboard longboard longboards cheap surfboards long board surfing surf board used decorative surfboards we have them!
Me on Yard Crashers w/Matt Blashaw
Your feedback is always appreciated! Share your experience with us to, and we will post it!


They worked out great, pleasure doing business with you.  We have another Margaritaville in Texas we are doing, but unfortunately I am not involved.

I will however forward your contact information to them.


Laurie Martino, Margaritaville Restaurant/Hotels

I got a call that my board came in on Friday, I picked it up this morning, It's great! thank you so much, I will keep your business card, I might want to buy another one! Thank you again. Alisha from Minnesota


Here are a couple of pictures of the Zuma Jay you sold us, after it was painted in wood grain and the car we painted it for. Thanks again!

Hi Eric~
Boards arrived today about 1:30 this afternoon! Guy at the bus station called me, I was there within 20 minutes to pick them up! pack a mean surf board...Awesome job! They arrived safe/sound and are perfect for Tropical Frog! I`m so stoked right now....I want to go ride one right now!
Thanks Eric for the awesome boards........ I`ll keep you posted as to our progress.....
 Got the surf boards last night.. they are perfect. Thank you so much.
Make Every Day Count !
Jody Linn

Just wanted to say thanks, the bag is great. Todd Vanpelt, Ventura, CA

Hey Eric,
  It arrived here Thursday night! Thank you very much for the great business
deal. The board looks awesome for the price! Hope your business contibues
to serve surfers worldwide.
      -Brian from Sunny San Diego, CA

Thank you so much.  We received the surf board thirty minutes before 
we left for vacation.  It worked out great.  My daughter loves it and 
can't wait to go to the other coast to try it out...
Gail Kogelman, FL

We send our love and deep gratitude.  Sandy will flip out when he sees a board!  His birthday is July 24.
Lots of love,
Erika's Mom

I'm "comfortably honored" to help bring some joy to you and your family. Surfing is a great gift from God, he has blessed us with this wonderful sport and way of life. It's always in my best interest to put money aside and leave the open door for anyone in need. I also have lost family members and know the pain your going through. We will pray for strength to you and your family through this, aloha Eric, Pres.

Hey Chubs,

 I love your website you are brilliant for marketing these old boards/wall hangers since they are "en vogue" for decorating. Also, the Greyhound shipping is wonderful, Kudos to you!! I will be looking for another surfboard for the familyroom soon, thanks for your time! Kym Goering

Well Eric,

I got the board, gifts and happy with the outcome, thank you! Let me know if you need any help up this way, have a good one! Joe


Talked to the shipper late yesterday and they are delivering today. Thank you so much for taking good care of me! Viki


Chris from Chicago, I got 4 surfboards from you and love em all, perfect for the lake! Thanks!

Hey Eric,

The boards got here safe, hopefully we can get out next week if the winds on our side. Thanks for getting them out, if I can drag anymore friends to start surfing, I will be sure to refer them to you... Trevor

  Hi Eric,

I just wanted you to know the surfboard arrived safe and it looks great! Thanks for shipping it and the free surf wax, my boyfriend will love it! Megan


The new surfboard for Travis arrived safe at the Richmond VA Amtrak station. No dings in the process, very impressed with Amtrak! You really did a nice packing job on the longboard, im sure it was a task. Will be taking it over to the 17th Street Surfshop for the guys to drool over, thanks much! Paul

Aloha Eric!

I emailed pictures of the Dairyland Festival, it was a great success! Thank you for your participation and donations this year, we really appreciate everything! Larry "Longboard" Williams Pres. GLSA


Hey buddy! Got the boards in today, man they are AWESOME! They are going to look so cool hangin in my "Sun n Fun" room, they will add such a great touch to it! Thanks so much, if you need any type of referral you know how to reach me, Kip Cummings

Hey Eric,

The GPang has arrived today, making me most happy! Ready to ride thanks to you... peace Indy


The G&S vintage surfboard arrived here today, thanks for those stickers you threw in, im really pleased with this board and the whole transaction! I will definately tell people about your business and maybe a few more boards will be sent this way to the eastcoasters, thanks! Bobby


picked up the 2 surfboard I got from you today, thanks for all your help! Tom



  I want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, for giving me the strength to run this business/website for 16 amazing years!

My precious wife, son, and babygirl, the light of my life is them...

My "Mum", a true inspiration in my life since birth, I look for the day we reunite again, (never forget you) love you always...

Every customer that has said "Hello" thank you for putting your trust in my hands!