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Vintage Surfboards Offering great classic surfboards, at great prices! NO AUCTIONS, NO OUTBIDDING (no creepy people on craigslist)! A great variety of historical used surfboards, to fit everyones budget! We have extensive collectible knowledge, and are happy to share the history of surfing with you! We will handle all packing & shipping of your purchase(s) too! Look for our rating scale on each item (1-10 condition), 10 being best to give you our opinion on the boards overall quality! 

Bing 9'2" Longboard
$1200.00 Free Ship!

(7) Rare item! A true find, Bings #7 longboard, made in 1961! Triple stringer classic, with 2 lemon logos on the top, multilaminated wood fin. Condition is fair, more wall decor than anything, very hard to find an early Bing! Shipping is FREE limited item! Feel free to email us if you need more photos!

Oceanside 9'3" Longboard 

(8r) Classic circa 1968 Oceanside "Lightweight" surfboard, with glassed on red fin. This surfboard was beautifully restored by Joe Roper, it is water-tight and beautiful! The white a faded a bit, but gives a nice aged patena to the board. There is one 4" crack on the right rail side, not a major issue. Chat with us, or email us! Continental USA shipping $150.00!

Balsawood 8'8" Longboard
$2800.00 Free Ship! 

 (7.5) Excited to offer this gem! Beautiful, authentic, balsawood surfboard, from the 1950's. Possibly made by Velzy or Bing, the shape/glassing, all original! There were some repairs made and clear coat/polish, has been added. The fin is in great original condition too! Shipping included!. Free door to door shipping! Contact us for additional photos, just send us an email!

Greg Noll 9'9" Longboard

 (7.5) Rare & collectible 7 stringer Greg Noll, circa 1965 with a glassed on barn door fin in black. It has a 2" t-band stringer balsa/redwood stringer, with 4 curved inlay stringers, absolutely amazing design! Condition is fair, a few open dings at the tail, no delam! USA Shipping FREE! Yes! Additional photos can be obtained, just email us!

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Solid Redwood Surfboard!
Redwood 7'2" Surfboard
$900.00 Free Ship!

(New) RARE! A classic "one of a kind" replica of the 1930's surfboards, called "planks". This is a solid, "distressed" redwood surfboard, and 2 coats of polyurethane sealer! Designed for the indivdual in need of a tabletop or wall decor piece! Shipping is FREE, limited item! Feel free to email us if you need more photos!

Tiki 9'9" Longboard

  (8) Classic Tiki popout surfboard from the early to mid 1960's, with 1" redwood stringer! All original, great condition, suntanned on the top, original red pigment on the bottom. Classic barndoor fin in clear, excellent condition! Shipping just $200.00 (US Continental only), more pics available too!

Malibu 9'7" Longboard
$1200.00 Free Ship!

 (8.5) All original 9'7" Malibu "popout" surfboard! Great condition, very minimal wear, beautiful light green pigment with black center stripe, very 60's! The fin is a cream color fiberglass fin, great condition as well. USA continental shipping is, FREE! Contact us w/any questions or if you need more photos! Contact 

Sunset 7'10" surfboard
$675.00 Shipping is Free!

 (8.5) Classic 1970's Sunset "gun shape" surfboard, with removable Rainbow fin. Red pigmented bottom and railwrap. black pinlines and polish. This board is beautiful and water-tight, made for big waves only! There are bottom repairs and a few old knots, but it really doesnt takeaway from the overall look and character! Additional photos? Just send us an email!
Free Shipping! (Continental USA only) 

Dewey Weber 7'3" surfboard
$450.00 Free Ship!

 (7) Cool original Weber "Ski" model, clear in color with sunrise logo and removable fin! The surfboards in good condition, there are some old faded repairs, water staining on bottom, the top shows great! These Webers were made in the late 1960's during the transitional years!  The fin is very rare, it has all the clips too! Ask us your questions! Free USA shipping!

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Bradshaw 6'1" Surfboard


(6.5) Vintage Ken Bradshaw pintail single fin from Hawaii! Autographed and dated by the big wave legend. All original with black fiberglass fin, top shows very well too! The bottom has more wear, the tail also needs a little repair. Still a great decor piece! Contact us if you need more photos! Free Shipping!

KeOki 9'8" Longboard

(8.5) Classic 60's! Early KEOKI surfboard with multilaminated wooden fin! Beautiful longboard with red pigment, the surfboard also has a t-band stringer with serial numbers #555-1145. This surfboard is in great condition (one old repair at the nose), water-tight. Shipping just $100.00 Need more photos? click here to inquire! 

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Carl Ekstrom 10'3" Surfboard

(8) Up for grabs! Condition is fair/good, the top shows better! Some repairs have been made, additional photos can be obtained. One of the earliest, Carl Ekstrom, "Asymetrical" model surfboards in existence! In the early 1960's, Carl shaped for many southern california brands, Con, Wardy, Jacobs, to name a few. In 1963, he opened a surf shop with Al Nelson. Ekstrom developed the first asymetrical tail design in 1965, based on the idea that the board should better match the surfers own nonlinear stance. This surfboard is dated 1966' and signed by the glasser, "Dan Tarampi, Gunther Glass", on the stringer. The laminate on the bottom, has an asymetrical "patent pending",which is a great indicator, it is an early model board! USA Shipping just $195.00 click here !