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  Vintage Surfboards Page #1 makes it simple and easy to buy great collectibles at a great prices because we offer themJust think, NO LONG DRAWN OUT AUCTIONS (just to find out you've been outbid), no additional fees either. We provide our Vintage Surfboards line with alot of variety and conditions to fit everyones budget! has long term knowledge of vintage surfboards wood or foam. Feel free to ask us any questions on these items, we we can help you with your decision making! Shipping costs are listed with each item. Seko trucking is our door to door provider, Amtrak and Greyhound are also used if needed. Look for our rating scale on each item (1-10 condition), 10 being best to give you our opinion on the boards overall quality! will continue to filter in VINTAGE SURFBOARDS of all types and update as much as possible. All surfboard purchases are first come first serve and once someone commits to the purchase. Any pictures can always be obtained, just ask us!  TRADES & CoNSigNMeNts aRe ALWAYS WELCOME, GREG NOLLS, DEWEY WEBERS, BINGS and OLD WOOD!!!
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Malibu Longboard 9'8"


Gorgeous! (9.5) Original Malibu "competition" model, shaped in 1965-66 ear. The board has a teal barndoor fin, a 2" balsa stringer and multiple laminated tailblock. It's a beautfiul classic shape, we believe this was also shaped by Dale Velzy. This is not a popout surfboard like the others, this was handshaped and glassed, beautiful, beautiful! Ride it or hang it, you will enjoy it either way! This surfboard is in our California location... 
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  Hansen Longboard 9'8"     

(9.0r)  Wow!
his is a nice RARE Hansen "Superlight" model longboard with removable fin. It was made in 1968 and has a 3/4 stringer and floral print on the top. The bottom was colored with black pigment wrapping around the rail. The condition is gorgeous, there is one dent from shipping (pic available). The whole board is polished, shows very well, a great collectible board!


Dextra Longboard 9'4"

A NICE CLASSIC!!! (7.5) Here we have a Dextra "custom" longboard (circa 1964/65) with barndoor fin. The board is clear with teal stripe and offset redwood stringers. There is also a noseblock/tailblock, lots of detail to this surfboard, great hanger! Very showable top with minor wear, the bottom is more discolored. There are minimal repairs needed, just a coupld little chips on the rails. Great board for a woodie too! Shipping door to door only $170.00!  Click here to Inquire! 

Gordon and Smith Longboard 9'7"

Beautiful! (7.5r) This is early to mid 60's Gordon and Smith that has been semi restored. The top has fire red, black, color and a 1 1/2" balsawood stringer. It was repaired, primer added, then painted. Lastly, a clear coat was applied, the bottom is in its original condition. There is no fin for this surfboard, great collectible and great wall hanger surfboard! 
SHIPPING $100.00 using Amtrak trains! 
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Hobie Longboard 10'0"

  (8.5) Beautiful Phil Edwards! This is a limted edition Hobie Phil Edwards model, believed to have been made in the 1980's - 1990's. The board is all original layed up like the old 60's styles, clear in color with 3 stringers. The center fin is removable and is a black Fibre Fin 9". The board is beautful to look at, there are some delams on the deck, that arent bubbling, more soft spots than anything. This is a great find, signed on the stringer by Phil Edwards too!  Click Here To Inquire  Shipping via Amtrak trains to your location only, $75.00  Questions??? Please leave us your telephone number for this shipment!

Lance Carson Gun surfboard 9'0"

  RARE CARSON GUN (r9) This is late 1960's Lance Carson gun with glassed on fin! The board has white pigment top and bottom and there is black pigmented pinlines on the top. The board was terribly weathered when we first got it, the glass had to be removed, it was a disaster! But im glad to bring it back to life and it looks amazing, still some pressure dents, but nothing like what it was!!!! RARE GEM, RARE FIND!  Click Here To Inquire!  

Hobie Surfboard 8'6"

Autographed and Dated! Shaped in December of 1988, signed Phil at the tail. The board has the red/gold foil Phil Edwards laminate. The board shows very well on top, no delam, foam is white. The bottom has some stress cracks and old repairs. Great board to posess in any condition, comes with a removable 8" fin. Do you have a question?  Shipping via Greyhound Bus only, $75.00!  We recommend a boardsock or padded boardbag for any vintage surfboard, see what we have!

Greg Noll Gun Surfboard 9'6"

  Clean island gun! (9) This is a semi gun shaped 1968 Greg Noll clear in color with removable blue dacat fin (fin is cracked on one side). The board has a 1/4" redwood stringer, foam is white. There is a knot at right at the laminate, thats all the damage on this surfboard! It really is amazing and clean, very great NOLL collectible! All original condition very clean!  Shipping door to door only $200.00!  Click Here To Inquire!


Hobie Longboard 10'4"
$1800.00 Price Reduced!

      Beautiful Hobie Semi Gun! (9r) This is a 10'4" triple stringer Hobie longboard with the original black speed fin. The board has partially restored with black pigmented rails. The laminate is offset by the tail center area is clear. The surfboard and fin are in great condition, water-tight. A little suntanning at the nose, but this board is REALLY CLEAN! It was sold to me from X Patriot Pro Football Star "Russ Francis"Shipping door to door only $200.00! Click Here To Inquire

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Greg Noll Longboard 10'1"


  (10r) Beautiful 10'1" Greg Noll large lam "sunset gun" very similar to the one that world champ Felipe Pomar rode when he won the world championship at Miraflores 
in 1965. Peter Cole, Fred Hemmings, Ricy Grigg, Jose Angel and Greg 
noll road these big wave boards winning big wave contests Like the 
Duke and Makaha.The board features a pulled nose and tail with a 
concave bottom that starts around the comp stripe and ends with 
pretty good concave at the tail.  1" red wood stringer and original 
purple speed fin. We can ship this item, using Seko trucking (not included in Buy Now)! 


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